Snapped 01

Photos by Catherine Rutgers, with (sometimes dramatic) transformations.
Click the picture or the title.

Urban Sky Image 2119 © Catherine RutgersUrban Sky
Urban skies have their own particular kind of light, and I devote a good portion of the day to watching it change.

Party Image 0557 © Catherine RutgersParty Over Here
Every party should envelop guests in an alternative environment.

Little Wing Image 0825 © Catherine Rutgers 2011Altered State: In Motion
I love a blur that is created without a filter.

Violet Orbs Image 0649 © Catherine RutgersContaining Fire
A row of burning candles, some
taken with flash, some without.

Goddess Interlude One © Catherine RutgersInterlude with a Goddess
It was around this magical time that I decided Athena needed to be washed.

Red Sky at Night © Catherine Rutgers Good Friend Down
They are giants.


24 Ecstatic Minutes: Photo 2377 © Catherine RutgersThe Clear as Mud Session
It was sparkly and windy out there. To keep my hair out of the viewfinder I had to wrap it around one hand and hold the camera with the other.
Green Springs Forth TOC © Catherine Rutgers
Green Springs Forth!

Being curious to know exactly what the vernal equinox is …

The Art of CompostThe Art of Compost TOC © Catherine Rutgers
Every single bucket had its own smell. Always sensational, often fragrant: mint, orange peel, fresh coffee grounds. As I chopped and snipped, everything else fell away.

Beyond Perfect Thumbnail © Catherine Rutgers 2012Beyond Perfect
Down on my belly to take these pics, I realize there’s an entire little ecosystem happening here, including the slugs and snails.

Yes to the Twist © Catherine Rutgers 2012Unnatural Nature
My own little movie. Both dull and scary. Devoid of meaning, yet somehow setting the stage.

Thumb Bot © Catherine Rutgers 2012A New Beginning of Time
Grounded in the compost project of August through December 2011 and translated into a universe.

Ailanthus Cameo © Catherine Rutgers 2012Home Zone
Almost every day I’m manipulating the world behind the glass through many daylight and nighttime hours.

Serious Playground: A Time-Release Capsule of Art in the StudioOn the Wall © Catherine Rutgers 2013
As an artist, I have freedom to include, omit, or transform. For the sequence you’ll see here, I want to balance the leeway with respect.

Sometimes Just Pink © Catherine Rutgers 2013Perennial Love Light: The Very Cherry Edition
I knew there was something tasty hovering at the edges of my memory, and early yesterday evening, and oh what a lovely feeling, the bit that had been pestering, pestering me was resolved.

The Green Unfurls (Image 2797) © Catherine Rutgers 2013And, Now, a Bit of Green
Let us harken back to the early days of the 2013 growing season, long before the riotous appearance of purple and orange and pink and yellow and red …

© Catherine Rutgers 2020

3 Responses to Snapped 01

  1. MTW says:

    Nice selection of photography, cheers for sharing…

    • Hello, and thank you MTW of!! Great to have your comment here and a real treat to discover your blog. “Freeform Thinking” plus rockin’ artwork = you know I just subscribed. Ciao for now and all best wishes, Catherine

      • MTW says:

        Good stuff, cat -thanks. Hey -I was thinking I might see if you’re interested in being one of my ‘Global Profiles’ -maybe send me your email address, i’m at

        Cheers, and thanks again!

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