Containing Fire

Blue Light: 0603 © Catherine RutgersIt’s a very simple series, really: a row of burning candles, fifty-eight snapshots, some
taken with flash, some without. The wall was being scraped for painting.

The first five images rest well within “Snapped” guidelines, showing pretty much what
I saw in the viewfinder. Assign a web-friendly profile, adjust size, boost or dip brightness or contrast just the tiniest bit – and number two is tipped on its side. Six, seven, and eight journey into “Revelations” of invert, hue, and saturation. It was irresistible.

Inside the Flame: 0630 © Catherine Rutgers

Scraped to the Blue: 0646 © Catherine Rutgers

Misted: image 0642 © Catherine RutgersViolet Light Orbs: image 0649 © Catherine Rutgers

In Reverse: 0633 © Catherine Rutgers

Infinite Row of Light © Catherine RutgersScientifically Possible: 0624 © Catherine RutgersAll images in this post are by Catherine Rutgers © 2011.

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