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Indigo Bliss Version Two © Catherine Rutgers 2019

“Indigo Bliss Version Two” © Catherine Rutgers 2019

CatRutgers4art, a free-rhythm dance of luminous melodies, all-original art, sprung from concrete dimensions to grace your world behind the glass. Step into this to refresh your mind and vision. With love and happiness, Cat

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Fruits of a Recent Proposal

Fresh Start © Catherine Rutgers 2019

Savory Plush © Catherine Rutgers 2019

Indigo Bliss © Catherine Rutgers 2019

Relativity Greens © Catherine Rutgers 2019

Copper Cantata © Catherine Rutgers 2019

Five fresh pieces, submitted for “Art in the Loft,” an annual exhibit at Millbrook Vineyards & Winery in conjunction with Arts Mid-Hudson. The past post was a touch gloomy. Yes, it’s time to lighten up! Forthwith, appearing above, Fresh Start, Savory Plush, Indigo Bliss, Relativity Greens, and Copper Cantata. This art is © Catherine Rutgers 2019 and transported to you on the blustery breezes of April.

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Seemingly Distracted

Soft VelRosier © Catherine Rutgers 2018

Birdland © Catherine Rutgers 2018

WarpBlur 3x © Catherine Rutgers 2018 Conversation © Catherine Rutgers 2018 Mud Eye © Catherine Rutgers 2018

The Land Rests © Catherine Rutgers 2018

Submerged © Catherine Rutgers 2018Image 2802 Zero Zero © Catherine Rutgers 2018Selected stills from “Everything Dies, Some Comes Back”
Now live, at https://vimeo.com/catrutgers/some-comes-back!
Art & motion by Catherine Rutgers 2018, Sound by Tom Burnett © March 2018

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Concepts for Main Street

Poughkeepsie Gateway Concept 01 © Catherine Rutgers 2018 Gateway Apron Detail 02 © Catherine Rutgers 2018 Poughkeepsie Gateway Concept 03 © Catherine Rutgers 2018 Gateway Apron Detail 04 © Catherine Rutgers 2018 Poughkeepsie Gateway Concept 05 © Catherine Rutgers 2018
Shown above, my ideas for the Poughkeepsie Gateway, an “art intervention” planned for the Route 9 underpass on Main Street, near the Hudson River. This project is sponsored by Arts Mid-Hudson, O+ and the Poughkeepsie Alliance.

Original photos © Tom Burnett, Transformations © Cat Rutgers, 2018

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Unconditional Love: Aunt Marian’s Handwork

Created and Signed by Marian Rutgers Cogsdill 1986; Image © Cat Rutgers 2018There are many types of art that often go unsung. Personal work that transcends the ordinary – through skill, discipline, devotion, and utterly generous creativity. My Aunt Marian’s ornaments, for example. Every year, Marian Ruth Rutgers Cogsdill created an artwork for every member of the family, dozens, for decades. They were each special, and all amazing.

My holiday observances are tempered by ambivalence, including that it’s a kind of weird thing to bring an entire tree into your home. So it doesn’t happen annually, but in 2016, I wanted the ritual, and especially, the scent of pine. It was an odd but beautiful tree: the top was cut off, so it was a bit short, yet round and full and lovely. I carried this heavy thing home on my shoulder, crossing Coney Island Avenue, trudging to Buckingham, up the front steps, and into my apartment.

It was delightful unpacking my carefully stored ornaments, sorting through the boxes, unraveling tissue and bubble wrap to uncover these treasures, each with a history marking loved ones and moments. Took a few days to place the lights and decorations. It looked marvelous.

As for the story behind this post’s title? I always loved to talk with Aunt Marian, and one day, telling her how wonderful it is having a niece I really enjoy knowing, she smiled and said, “Yes. Everyone needs to have an aunt who offers unconditional love.” At egotistical first take, I thought she was referring to my relationship with my sister’s daughter, the lovely Megan. Then I noticed Marian smile a second smile and realized she was saying
I love you unconditionally. How awesome is that?

Ribbon, Pearl Beads and Needlework; Image © Catherine Rutgers 2018

Kitten with Mittens by Marian Cogsdill; Image © Cat Rutgers 2018

Gold-thread stars and yarn (detail); Image © Cat Rutgers 2018

Jingle Bells from the Back; Image © Catherine Rutgers 2018

Notes and Glass Beads by Marian Cogsdill 1998; Image © Cat Rutgers 2018

Jingle Bells Detail by Marian Cogsdill; Image © Cat Rutgers 2018

Customized Santa; Image © Catherine Rutgers 2018

Original art by Marian Cogsdill (b. 1923 – d. 2007)
Unconditional Love © Catherine Rutgers 2018

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Eighth Friday (Wordless 2017)

Extreme Green v2 © Catherine Rutgers 2017

Garden's Edge © Catherine Rutgers 2017

The Laws of Physics © Catherine Rutgers 2017

Goddess © Catherine Rutgers 2017

In Turn © Catherine Rutgers 2017

Orange Zero © Catherine Rutgers 2017

Its Peak © Catherine Rutgers 2017

Copper and Sift © Catherine Rutgers 2017

Memories of the Scent © Catherine Rutgers 2017

Party 0557 © Catherine Rutgers 2017

Eighth Friday © Catherine Rutgers, 2017

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Extreme Gardening (the 2013 season)

Before © Catherine Rutgers 2017

Embedded © Catherine Rutgers 2017

Fingertips © Catherine Rutgers 2017

Fruits of the Digging © Catherine Rutgers 2017

Uprooted © Catherine Rutgers 2017

U Rock (Number Four) © Catherine Rutgers 2017

Clean © Catherine Rutgers 2017

Seeded © Catherine Rutgers 2017

Soiled Hand © Catherine Rutgers 2017

The Sign © Catherine Rutgers 2017

Alive © Catherine Rutgers 2017

Extreme Gardening © Catherine Rutgers 2017

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Zen Storm (translating canvas to screen)

From Paint to Shining Paint © Catherine Rutgers 2017

Sans Subtitles © Catherine Rutgers 2017

Dramatic Horn Music © Catherine Rutgers 2017

Unscripted © Catherine Rutgers 2017

Something Zenlike © Catherine Rutgers 2017

The After Party © Catherine Rutgers 2017

Retro Vibe © Catherine Rutgers 2017

The Fickle Finger of Fate © Catherine Rutgers 2017

Zen Storm © Catherine Rutgers 2017

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