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Iconic Dimension

The iconic dimension is small. But it has to be powerful. Mostly I create this type of image for folder icons and their desktop aliases. So that means I’ll be looking at them in their tiny size for weeks, or … Continue reading

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Welcome to CatRutgers4art

Pause here for visual refreshment. CatRutgers4art is an essence: far less than everything, much more than a fragment, all original art. Inspired by my boundless fascination with natural phenomena in an urban environment, commonly leading to window-view sky watching and … Continue reading

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Like Trying to Wash Grease Off of Plastic with Cold Water and No Soap

Vintage whines, I have a few. It’s like trying to eat roast beef with a plastic spoon. Like designing a book under water with no air supply. Or carrying cranberry juice in a construction-paper basket woven for a grade-school project. … Continue reading

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You Are Here: Sultry Summer Sweeping Sweetly into Gentlest Sumptuous Night (with Cicada)

Hi, there. It’s Cat, at the tail end of a week-long vacation. A real vacation as in shutting things off, though not as in vacant of thought. This moment’s theme is having glided out of worry over sultry summer scheduling, … Continue reading

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One Woman’s Trash

Might very well become my treasure. I found these glowing-orange-pink plastic rods wrapped in tape on the street in Manhattan. Irresistible. They’re around six feet long and weigh a ton. Yesterday, I figured out how to display the bundle on … Continue reading

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Blessed Be the Glue

Threads that connect have always been my preference over ties that bind. However, my relationship with glue, paste, and their tacky, odoriferous mate – rubber cement – has rolled and twisted through the years. This might seem disgusting, but the … Continue reading

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