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The Street and the Sky: Samm Cohen’s Photos of Istanbul

In this era when millions of people are taking millions of photos all the time, it’s a pleasure to sit back and sift through an artist’s collection. Samm Cohen works in multiple mediums, with a passion for paintings that stretch … Continue reading

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Hot Fun in the Summertime

Think Sly and the Family Stone. Think warm and rainy and sunny at the same time. But don’t think too much. Love, Cat P.S. Just one pic here. Clouds from the sunset on June 26, 2009. See you in July! … Continue reading

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Perennial Love Light: The Very Cherry Edition

“Some day when we’re dreaming, deep in love, not a lot to say, then we will remember things we said today.” The Beatles. Things We Said Today. It took me three days to remember the tune and the lyrics. I … Continue reading

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The Flip Side of Venus

No, I’m not the goddess. I’m the dipsy doodle in your onion dip. The one who startled your mother when she looked in my mirror and recognized herself for the very first time. I’m the one who stood on the … Continue reading

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Radiant Twigs

And other ephemera range through my life, you far-reaching creatures, you ravishing individuals, and all-ways shifting beauties. Snagged on the crag, when least expected. “Hosting with a full toolbox … the one who has the most tools wins.” Textures, shapes, … Continue reading

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