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Bright © Tom BurnettTom Burnett
“I imagined that different life forms may perceive light waves differently than we do.”

A Pit of Needing (detail) © Samm CohenSamm Cohen
“It’s the experience more intuitive and heartfelt, more intimate, that I seek to communicate.”

Cool Chic (detail) © Jamie Kelty Jamie Kelty
“I must have been searching for the sun.” Watercolor-collages, from winter 2010-2011.

Indigo Shirt Thumbnail © Brian Olewnick Brian Olewnick
“I’ve always tended to work small, often using the same objects I’ve kept around and grown attached to for decades.”

Bird of Paradise Thumbnail © Kristen TerranaKristen Terrana
Bold, giddy, and (sometimes sweetly) demented: The Mad Hatter Girls

Le Millénaire 2 Detail © Ellena RutschEllena Rutsch
“No compromise! My aim is not to please but to cause emotions.”

Saw-whet Owl 2005 thumbnail © Carolyn Rutgers Clark
Carolyn Rutgers Clark

Whimsical, elegant, astonishing
creatures by an artist who
knows them from experience.

Traditional Spring Uprising thumb-size © Sarah Valeri 2013Susan Scutti and Sarah Valeri
This author-artist team has merged an awesome science-fiction story with a thirst-quenching dose of emotion and mindfulness.


Samm Cohen 08 Istanbul copyright 2016The Street and the Sky: Samm Cohen’s Photos of Istanbul
Exploring a beautiful city through the eyes of a highly creative visitor.

Wanderlust thumbnail copyright JoAnne Lobotsky 2015
Beautiful Traveler: JoAnne Lobotsky’s Mixed Media

“My frame of mind was that there was nothing to lose and I had no attachment to seeing any particular outcome.”

Sky McLaren (detail) © Karolina C. Polak 2020Hot Wheels! The Artistry of Karolina Polak
“By the age of 6 … I was already doing engine work with [my father] on his Caddy.”

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