Revelations No. 3

Ongoing experiments in digital art, based on original painting, drawing, photos, mixed media and image capture. Click the picture or the title.

Perfectly BalancedOva (Part One)
You, me, and a bajillion other fascinating creatures start with this. Wonderfully weird.

Inspired by Life (Image 2966)Funkia!
They love to grow and grow.

Twirling OpenThis Little Twirl
During creation of these images, a theory came to my mind: evolution is not linear.

3 Catherine Rutgers Media Library CatRutgers4art 2013Le Retour
Everything is here.

Open Orange

The Very Last Rose of 2013
Oh, so much drama …
Creature of the Night

One Hundred, One Love
A creature of the night.

Left Center Right by Susan Scutti Tom Burnett and Catherine RutgFun with Friends!
Actual size: 45 inches high by 51 inches wide.


Rotated ViewPing Pong Mood
Glorious snippets of spray paint, Bill Ding and his magic clowns, intriguing print ads from decades ago: inspiration, treasure, or toss?


Score OneAnother Day, Another Experiment
Weeks, months, days, years … then suddenly something new.

Catherine Rutgers Full Color Cover Thumbnail copyright 2014Laced for New Noise
Designed as visuals for a live performance, the soundtrack is your environment, so listen closely.

Tiger LilyThe Colors of June
The grace notes, the trills, the accents that spice up the landscape. With scissors in hand, I snipped a selection of blossoms.

00 Catherine Rutgers Somehow Reminiscent Matisse Perhaps copyright 2014The Epic Proportions of “Aliens Glyph”
Within 24 hours, I made more than three-hundred images, selected forty-seven, completed a new video-for-music, and uploaded it at Vimeo.

Catherine Rutgers Truly Yours copyright 2015Yours Truly!
Selected pix from video number five, another silent animation made to accompany music.


© Catherine Rutgers 2020

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