Revelations No. 4

Ongoing experiments in digital art, based on original painting, drawing, photos, mixed media and image capture. Click the picture or the title.

Serpentine Fire © Catherine Rutgers 2015SOTVC: The Violet and Green Edition
Under the sign of the vibrating colors, the permutations range as far as they want to.

Cameo for Saturated Bliss © Catherine Rutgers 2015Sweet Fun in the Summertime!
Shall we frolic? Yes, we shall.

Zen Difference Cloud Detail © Catherine Rutgers 2015Meet Zen and Stormy
In 1987, I was working with spray paint and oil-based enamels, inspired by graffiti, the impressionists, space travel, and the flashes of light seen only when your eyes are closed.

To Be Continued © Catherine Rutgers 2015Extravagant Possibilities
There’ s a lot of cool stuff in my archives, but I’m happy to be surfing through the 21st century.

02 Catherine Rutgers Magic 2015’Tis Always the Season
Step into my world, where we can be in love with a million things that cross our paths.

Loop 2.4.3 in Alma, Michigan, December 4, 2015. Art by Cat Rutgers, photo by Tom Burnett.Stripes! (Art for Music)
Loop 2.4.3 creates beautifully original music, and I’m thrilled to be making art for their performances.

Botanical Matter (More Art for Music)Hollyhock Blossom © Catherine Rutgers 2015
Everything here originated in my nearby environment, from the hollyhocks and gently fading rose to a bucket of compost and the towering oak trees sans foliage.

Colorfields and Folds (Ever More Art for Music) Faster than Air © Catherine Rutgers 2016Proposal for an exhibit of 10 new prints, based on nearly 200 images created for large-screen video projections during Loop 2.4.3 performances.