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The Sound of Nothing (is a loud noise)

The Sound of Nothing © Catherine Rutgers 2017 The Wordless Series, No. 6 of 10 With my gratitude always for the music of Lone Vein.

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Tiny Dancers and the Earthsprung Star

Tiny Dancers and the Earthsprung Star © Catherine Rutgers 2017 The Wordless Series, No. 3 of 10

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Behind the Scene (Preparations for an Exhibit)

This time of year, when the hours of daylight here in the northern hemisphere grow longer and longer as they come near to their peak, brings out the best in me. Among the wonderful developments this season, not only will … Continue reading

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SOTVC: The Violet and Green Edition

Over the years, I’ve had various tag lines for my artwork. They were kind of like corporate names, if you can envision a company that is involved with absolutely nothing but making art or writing poetry or just generally sending … Continue reading

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The Colors of June

2013 was the Season of Extreme Gardening. I cut down two diseased and weary bushes, sawing and yanking their roots from the dirt, making space for ferns, lemon thyme, the red-toned lilies. I pitchforked a sketchy patch of weeds in … Continue reading

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