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Winter’s Lamentation (and Reprieve)

Light-emitting diodes have obliterated the moonlight. Oh, you can still see the moon, but it casts no shadows because the new(ish) streetlights are so obtrusive. They save energy, they save money … but I don’t feel any safer. I feel … Continue reading

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Iconic Dimension

The iconic dimension is small. But it has to be powerful. Mostly I create this type of image for folder icons and their desktop aliases. So that means I’ll be looking at them in their tiny size for weeks, or … Continue reading

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Persona Conundrum

Merriam-Webster’s defines conundrum as an intricate and difficult problem, or a question having only a conjectural answer. Here’s one: Growing up, I was either painfully shy or thrilled to be on display. Some people thought I was “a snob.” But, … Continue reading

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Three Easy Pieces

A trio of fresh curves, for the opening days of summer. With love, from Cat © Catherine Rutgers, 21 June 2016

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‘O’ Is for Outtake

The ones that aren’t used in the first go-round often simmer in the background, then bubble up sparkling on a brand-new tip. Once upon a time, yet still within this century, I created a mural design for a big-box retailer’s … Continue reading

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Beautiful Traveler: JoAnne Lobotsky’s Mixed Media

There’s something amazing about witnessing an artist’s turn in her path, and if you traverse the bodies of work in JoAnne Lobotsky’s portfolios, such a moment will be revealed. After more than a decade of fascinating, frequently complex, and often … Continue reading

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OMG Blue

This is a blue beyond blue like the primal oh-my-gosh what a beautiful color blue and I’m not the only one who said so blue. Super fine amazing quality paint, dropped off at my doorstep the other day by my … Continue reading

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