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Night Moves

Do you love taking photos at night without using a flash? If you do, good, because that means you’ll understand my attraction to these deeply shadowy, obscure, and ambiguous images. There seems to be very little information, data, whatever you … Continue reading

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I’m Hopelessly Devoted to You: Addenda, Credenza, Epilogue (Everything Plus the Atelier Sink)

“My head, it says, ooooooh, forget it. My heart, it says, don’t let go.” This is how I remember it, anyway, and let us run with whatever wings our way at the moment. Theoretically, this is the end of the … Continue reading

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One Love

It started with a snapshot of deep-orange-red lilies. Flipping to the negative really set it off. Simultaneously, I have been breaking on the waves of inventory. Part one: Born in the ’50s and now in mine. I want, not merely … Continue reading

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Containing Fire

It’s a very simple series, really: a row of burning candles, fifty-eight snapshots, some taken with flash, some without. The wall was being scraped for painting. The first five images rest well within “Snapped” guidelines, showing pretty much what I … Continue reading

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Hue-Happy Forever

I was born to find ecstasy in color. And hue adjustment was made for me. The fruit of a most delightful new-year’s-eve afternoon ­– six variations on Saturated Bliss are presented here for your viewing pleasure. Six variations on Saturated … Continue reading

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When You Subscribe

Hi, there! This is a new adventure, full of options. And creative experiments are this blog’s core. So, the first tests of what gets sent to subscribers in email were the full posts, including multiple images and text. From here … Continue reading

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