Revelations No. 1

Ongoing experiments in digital art, based on original painting, drawing, photos, mixed media and image capture. Click the picture or the title.

Globe for Repose © Catherine RutgersBlessed Be the Glue
My relationship with glue, paste, and their tacky, odiferous mate – rubber cement – has rolled and twisted through the years.

Bliss Five © Catherine RutgersHue-Happy Forever
I was born to find ecstasy in color.

Time Machine: Handwriting Inverted © Catherine RutgersHandwritten, Typewriter, Type
Until you get to computer-generated type, everything is potentially messy, sometimes smelly, and always ready for appropriation into an art project.

Deep in the Heart © Catherine RutgersOn Valentines
A holiday that teeters, giddily, into our best and deepest impulse.

Red Vinyl Scan © Catherine RutgersJuiced Orange: The Death & Rebirth of Vinyl
Painted the walls with blue and white clouds.

Tumbled © Catherine RutgersOne Woman’s Trash
Found these glowing-orange-pink plastic rods wrapped in tape on the street in Manhattan. Irresistible.

Fish in Flight © Catherine Rutgers No Fear of Flying
Airborne sprites, birds or fish, gliding or jumping or falling through an atmosphere undefined.

Morning After Thumbnail © Catherine RutgersSift, Freak, Reap: Morning After
I begin by sifting through the raw materials.

Thumbsize Fullmoon © Catherine RutgersWake Up in the Morning Feeling Like P Diddy
The thing about collage is that it’s so much fun.

CDsn2 TOC thumbnail © Catherine RutgersThe Origins of “Origins” and Then Some
Seeing the image in Infinite Instances was one of the best surprises ever.

New Year's Eve 2011 © Catherine RutgersNew Year’s Eve 2011
This is post 54 and every one has been a thrill to create.

One Love Miniature 2012 Catherine Rutgers
One Love

One image. Eight variations. Wave on.


Valentine Scan Thumbnail © Catherine Rutgers


A Valentine for Everyone
It’s an experiment. Changeable, shifting, and charged.



© Catherine Rutgers 2020

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