On Valentines

There’s something I can’t resist about a Just a Rose © Catherine Rutgers 2011holiday that runs right up to the edge of ridiculously marketable, then teeters giddily, often unexpectedly, into our best and deepest impulse.

And just as there are so many kinds of love, there are so many ways to illustrate them, so many feelings to wander through and marvel at. Start with the hearts and on to the roses, in honor of all the love in our lives, and the romance, too: Happy Valentines! Today and every day.

Painted Heart © Catherine Rutgers 2011

Two Roses © Catherine Rutgers 2011

Deep in the Heart © Catherine Rutgers 2011

Swept Away © Catherine Rutgers 2011

Resplendent Treasure, Catherine Rutgers 2011

Dreambirds Waterfall © Catherine Rutgers 2011

Oval Love Two © Catherine Rutgers 2011

All images in this post are by Catherine Rutgers © 2011

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