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Herstory’s Fragments: Postcards of the Space Monkey/French Kiss plus SOTVC era, 1988-1999

They were labors of love, deeply personal yet public, mostly designed by hand, and dependent on access to a very cool copy shop. They were more love note than publicity as practiced in the current century. No email address, no … Continue reading

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My Collaborative Valentine

This begins with technique, exploring one of my favorite photos, so kindly lent to me by Tom Burnett, he of the serious knack for taking a good-looking picture. This one was set as my desktop background when I got inspired … Continue reading

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Vale o’ Right-in-Times

Fourteen images for the 14th of February. Happy Valentines to all! Love, Cat Come to me in all your raging splendor. Come to me in your most bedraggled and despondent disillusion. Come to me in our most giddy and tenacious … Continue reading

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A Valentine for Everyone

Why do love messages get so gloomy? They say, “True love never dies.” But it does, a million times! It swoops and soars, dips, wavers, curls up like it’s asleep, and pops back out smiling. It’s an experiment. Changeable, shifting, … Continue reading

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On Valentines

There’s something I can’t resist about a holiday that runs right up to the edge of ridiculously marketable, then teeters giddily, often unexpectedly, into our best and deepest impulse. And just as there are so many kinds of love, there … Continue reading

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