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About Catherine Rutgers: I live in the northwest corner of Flatbush, Brooklyn, where city life and historical landscapes converge. This neighborhood is home to wonderful contrasts and a great place to encounter natural elements – sky, trees, plants, light, and creatures such as sqWithin and Without © Catherine Rutgers 2016uirrels, birds, bats, bees, slugs, raccoons, and the occasional possum – in a nonetheless urban environment. Fascinated by nearly everything that crosses my path, this is the wellspring of my art: to inspire the viewer’s awareness of their surroundings and enhance the places where we live, work and gather together.

About the blog: To create these images, I scan or photograph collages, drawings, paintings, and wall-hanging sculpture or temporary constructions made from organic and manufactured found objects. The raw materials go through many layers of change, sometimes hundreds of tesPhoto by Ben Taylor © 14 May 2016ts to create just a few conclusive results. While carefully considering their destination – onscreen, print, large-screen projection – I look at the work in every way I can think of (quick view, slideshow, web page, desktop background, printout) and adjust hue, vibrancy, texture, and dimensions in Photoshop until the ideal image emerges.

The menu offers three courses aka the Categories: Revelations, artwork for/from various projects, with a lot of new work created just for the posts. Snapped, my photographs, sometimes pretty much fresh out of the camera, other times altered dramatically from their original state. Guest Spot, which highlights work by artists who graciously agree to share their vision here. Speaking of, thank you Ben Taylor for permission to use the candid portrait on this page!My Wildest Dream © Catherine Rutgers 2016

Swimming against the current, perhaps, this content is ideally seen on a large screen. On a desktop, you can scroll for alternative text and click on each image for a really full-size view. I find that Firefox has the best setup, placing a stand-alone image at the window’s center, rather than shoved in the top-left corner.

CatRutgers4art is an evolving experiment and constant space to reflect. By sharing the process, I learn new techniques and think of new projects. By writing about the art, I record thoughts over time and have an archive of inspiration. There’s a lot of personal history here, too, from memories of my grandfathers to adventures in gardening. And you complete the experience. Many thanks for viewing, commenting, or subscribing.

Yours truly, Cat

Contact: To reach me directly, you can send a message here.

5 Responses to About and Contact

  1. Hello, Wandering Youth! Many apologies for the delay in getting back to you. I’m honored that you’ve nominated me for the awards but haven’t had time to follow up on the process. In any case, many thanks for thinking of CatRutgers4art. By the way, I love your “Waterfall” series (http://thewanderingyouth.wordpress.com/2012/08/06/waterfall/) … beautiful structure and colors!

  2. Hi, Ellis, and thanks for the like!

  3. Hello, Ami Dolling, and thank you for visiting CatRutgers4art! Your recent posts on ceramics, by the way, are fascinating.

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