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Double Vision circa 1893-1905

They’re really beautiful devices, these old and once wildly popular stereopticons. Wood, and metal, and yet not heavy at all. And as simple as the technology appears, the effect really works, creating a view with a depth that surprises me … Continue reading

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SOTVC: The Violet and Green Edition

Over the years, I’ve had various tag lines for my artwork. They were kind of like corporate names, if you can envision a company that is involved with absolutely nothing but making art or writing poetry or just generally sending … Continue reading

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Le Retour

Been so long, so long, so long. And you have no idea how many times a day I think of you. Take a deep breath and say, “Oh my god, it’s not midnight.” Hold fast, take stock. Take heart, take … Continue reading

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Cutting-Edge Domesticity and the Medicine Cabinet, circa 1938

Here he is. Walter Gladstone Darbyshire the first, who will be followed by my uncle and my cousin. This is him in 1920, my grandfather, union man, long-time Detroit resident, and decoupage artist. Grandpa Walter had a basement hideaway. We … Continue reading

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Like Trying to Wash Grease Off of Plastic with Cold Water and No Soap

Vintage whines, I have a few. It’s like trying to eat roast beef with a plastic spoon. Like designing a book under water with no air supply. Or carrying cranberry juice in a construction-paper basket woven for a grade-school project. … Continue reading

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Beyond Perfect

Photo shoot, two sessions, May 27, 2012 – Word on the street is “I don’t remember the garden looking so jungley.” Indeed, it’s overflowing with vitality. Remember that super-intense composting project? See The Art of Compost for documentation. See below … Continue reading

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24 Ecstatic Minutes: The Clear as Mud Session

Ah, the rush of trying something new and it works. Works well! I’ve just downloaded my first set of photos in six months from the trusty Canon PowerShot, which is no less ingenious than its lucky owner, though much more reliable in … Continue reading

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