Sneakers (and other shoes I miss)

On February 5, 2010, I set up a photo shoot on the kitchen table. Every pair of shoes I owned (minus my flip-flops and boots) received a carefully arranged close-up. Time at the start: 2:52 p.m. Finished at 4:54. Two hours, two minutes. The sneakers are wonderful. But I really, really miss wearing the dancing shoes, so will start with those.

Dancing Shoes and Rainbow Tights © Catherine Rutgers 2020

Somehow I got the idea that somebody, somewhere said, “A man’s tie shows who he wants to be, but his shoes reveal who he is.” Origin unknown. But the imagined (or possibly real) quote inspired this session. Ten years after, this footwear deserves a new spotlight. Shaq. Champion. Airwalk. Long-gone beauties and work companions.

Cool Graphics © Catherine Rutgers 2020

Stronger Than Dirt © Catherine Rutgers 2020

Pink Snakeskin and Silver © Catherine Rutgers 2020

Beloved © Catherine Rutgers 2020

The next four, I still have and wear. The Airwalks are wrapped in silvery gaffer’s tape to hold them together. The Pumas get compliments. The astonishing black-and-baby-blue Dunkmans are still incredibly comfortable. The Vans Neck Face Sk8-Low, in Arabian Spice, not so much (but they look so cool).

Magnificently Walking on Air © Catherine Rutgers 2020

Old School Lasts Forever © Catherine Rutgers 2020

Baby Blue and Arabian Spice © Catherine Rutgers 2020

Also, I miss these other dress-up shoes. Velveteen and rhinestones. Your sneakers show how you work (and play). The satin-bowed and twinkly shoes whisper “party on.”

Velveteen and Rhinestones © Catherine Rutgers 2020

Now I wish I had a photo of my famous silver L.A. Gear high tops, circa 1983. They drove everyone I knew to laughter, but I wore them to tatters, with pride. Love, Cat

00 Feature Sneaker, 01 Dancing Shoes and Rainbow Tights, 02 Cool Graphics,
03 Stronger Than Dirt,
04 Pink Snakeskin and Silver, 05 Beloved, 06 Magnificently Walking on Air, 07 Old School Lasts Forever, 08 Baby Blue and Arabian Spice,
09 Velveteen and Rhinestones

Images and words © Catherine Rutgers 2020

About CatRutgers4Art

Original art by Catherine Rutgers, with musings on the media and the methods. Founded in 2010. “I believe in magic moments. Am not afraid to be sentimental, and adore a tweaked cliché. Two of my favorite pastimes are watching paint dry and observing green tendrils unfold.”
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