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Unconditional Love: Aunt Marian’s Handwork

There are many types of art that often go unsung. Personal work that transcends the ordinary – through skill, discipline, devotion, and utterly generous creativity. My Aunt Marian’s ornaments, for example. Every year, Marian Ruth Rutgers Cogsdill created an artwork … Continue reading

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Double Vision circa 1893-1905

They’re really beautiful devices, these old and once wildly popular stereoscopes. Wood, and metal, and yet not heavy at all. And as simple as the technology appears, the effect really works, creating a view with a depth that surprises me … Continue reading

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Greetings and Salutations

OK, first a hearty shout-out to all you groovy subscribers and commentators. Much love coming to you from Brooklyn, New York, wherever you may be. Yes, I’ve been in a non-stop job crunch, squeezing my capacity to focus on the … Continue reading

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Like Trying to Wash Grease Off of Plastic with Cold Water and No Soap

Vintage whines, I have a few. It’s like trying to eat roast beef with a plastic spoon. Like designing a book under water with no air supply. Or carrying cranberry juice in a construction-paper basket woven for a grade-school project. … Continue reading

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Good Friend Down

They are giants. Two oaks towering more than six stories high. And in between was once a sinuous and not so small maple tree. Look through the teen-aged pine and you’ll see her on a snowy day. Weed whackers and … Continue reading

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