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Sneakers (and other shoes I miss)

On February 5, 2010, I set up a photo shoot on the kitchen table. Every pair of shoes I owned (minus my flip-flops and boots) received a carefully arranged close-up. Time at the start: 2:52 p.m. Finished at 4:54. Two … Continue reading

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Anatomy of An Illustration: Exquisite Corpse

Oh, those macabre surrealists! They just loved to play around with the more than slightly creepy, and yet be maddeningly onto something useful and deep. “Cadavre exquis” is the collective technique in which a text or image is shared in … Continue reading

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Juiced Orange: The Death and Rebirth of Vinyl

In May 2001, the Arty Party Salon at 8th Avenue Sessions, Times Square, rocked live music, performance, and visual art, curated by Tom Burnett and hosted by Matthew Courtney. And I had an entire room for the “Death & Rebirth … Continue reading

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Party Over Here

The whole nine yards are essential;  the aesthetic is abundance. Put everything you have into making it happen, and you’ll get back more than you ever imagined. Every party should envelop guests in an alternative environment, swallow you up in … Continue reading

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