Revelations No. 2

Ongoing experiments in digital art, based on original painting, drawing, photos, mixed media and image capture. Click the picture or the title.
Random Image Thumbnail © Catherine Rutgers
Random Image
Filling a lacuna, simmering away (somewhat anxiously).

Sea of Joy Thumbnail © Catherine Rutgers
Sea of Joy
Seeking respite in a carnation transformed. The actual flower was green, the astonishing kind you see naturally in zinnias or luna moths.

Those Violets Driving Me Crazy © Catherine Rutgers
Oh, Those Violets Are Driving Me Crazy

From the semi-green grass of Spring 2012 to the unforeseen dimensions … here we go!

Radiant Twigs © Catherine RutgersRadiant Twigs
When you look into my eyes, I want to have all of the lights on and everybody will be home.

Sultry Summer © Catherine Rutgers 2012You Are Here: Sultry Summer Sweeping Sweetly into Gentlest Sumptuous Night (with Cicada)
Romping in the fields of pixels resplendently arrayed on the screen.

In the Beginning Thumbnail © Catherine RutgersLike Trying to Wash Grease Off of Plastic with Cold Water and No Soap
We were allowed to browse through the stacks and choose what we wanted to read. The book I remember most vividly had a story about a woman who spun her skin off every night and danced around as a skeleton.

The Flip Side of VenusThese Things Will Appear © Catherine Rutgers 2012
No, I’m not the goddess. I’m the dipsy doodle in your onion dip.

Night Moves © Catherine Rutgers 2013Night Moves
Whatever you want to call the DNA that makes up a photo of the dark, it’s deep and unpredictable.

Comeback Yet to Be © Catherine Rutgers2013Almost Blue
What is the moon doing to us? Waning in the depths of winter, the cold ungraced with snow.

Contemplative Cherub thumbnail size © Catherine Rutgers 2013Vale o’ Right-in-Times
Fourteen images for the 14th of February. Come to me in our most giddy and tenacious delight …

Walter Gladstone Darbyshire 1920 © Catherine Rutgers 2013Cutting-Edge Domesticity and the Medicine Cabinet, circa 1938
My grandfather, union man, long-time Detroit resident and decoupage artist …

Open Color © Catherine Rutgers 2013Color Studies
A respite from the existentialist spiral.

River Running Soul Deep © Catherine Rutgers 2013Raw
Sometimes I keep things in case of unlikely contingencies. Sometimes those contingencies come to pass.

Will of the Wisp © Catherine Rutgers 2013Will O’ the Wisp
Let us see how the swamp lights roll …

Digital Signature © Catherine Rutgers 2013Elastic Bridge
Translating our physical territory to a space made of light.

© Catherine Rutgers 2020

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