Radiant Twigs v2 (histories of ages past)

01 Former Lifetimes, 02 That’s Amazing, 03 Understated Intentions, 04 Step Here (But Not This Way), 05 The Blue Truck, 06 Travel Lightly, 07 Fleeting Impression, 08 Complicated Portal, 09 Perfect Drift © Catherine Rutgers 2021

Former Lifetimes © Catherine Rutgers 2021

About CatRutgers4Art

Original art by Catherine Rutgers, with musings on the media and the methods. Founded in 2010. “I believe in magic moments. Am not afraid to be sentimental, and adore a tweaked cliché. Two of my favorite pastimes are watching paint dry and observing green tendrils unfold.”
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  1. Hello, Jamie Lin, and Elena at Short Wisdom!! Many thanks for liking this post.

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