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Extreme Gardening (the 2013 season)

Extreme Gardening © Catherine Rutgers 2017 The Wordless Series, No. 9 of 10

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Lush July

On the 7th of July, I completed a beautiful day by sitting on the front steps to watch the fireflies flicker above our local stretch of the Flatbush Malls and the neighbors’ lawns across the way. The Malls, incidentally, are … Continue reading

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The Colors of June

2013 was the Season of Extreme Gardening. I cut down two diseased and weary bushes, sawing and yanking their roots from the dirt, making space for ferns, lemon thyme, the red-toned lilies. I pitchforked a sketchy patch of weeds in … Continue reading

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The Very Last Rose of 2013

Oh, so much drama contained in this bloom. She was a tiny tight bud in late October, an orange anomaly topping three skinny green branches, a miniature rose, unfurling almost all the way as of 26 November, when I plucked … Continue reading

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Here’s to the readers of CatRutgers4art! You all inspire me, you really do, e.g., Karen D, who brings memory and gardening together in a comment that sent me out to collect and photograph the leaves below: “My mother called them … Continue reading

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