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One Hundred, One Love

There really aren’t any words for this. Just a late-night riff, layers of subconscious play made conscious. The original image is sixty-two inches long. Which means I haven’t been able to see it yet in full-size splendor. But I’m thinking … Continue reading

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This Little Twirl

Caught my eye. It was part of a proposed fund-raising package for a local not-for-profit, way back in my graphic-design days. Popped out from 1,637 other images found in a search for image, name contains, logo. And then took me on … Continue reading

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Ova (Part One)

In the beginning, there is an egg. You, me, and a bajillion other fascinating creatures start with this. Wonderfully weird. These two are from neighborhood chickens and were refrigerated in a ruby-red bowl for more than a year because I … Continue reading

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Will O’ the Wisp

Brand new image, trying out a few new tweaks, e.g., color space and file info. Let us see how the swamp lights roll … Image by Catherine Rutgers © 2013

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Almost Blue

What is the moon doing to us? Waning in the depths of winter, the cold ungraced with snow. Come back, soft and frosty blanket. Please don’t leave us sloshing in the rain. Come back, your lightness, capricious orb, once so … Continue reading

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