This Little Twirl

Twirling Open © Catherine Rutgers 2013Caught my eye. It was part of a proposed fund-raising package for a local not-for-profit, way back in my graphic-design days. Popped out from 1,637 other images found in a search for image, name contains, logo. And then took me on a trip.

Here’s part of that art-making excursion. They and their un-posted sisters make a cool Preview slideshow, but my perfunctory experiments with iMovie and the WordPress format indicate I’m not likely to fulfill their animation potential anytime soon. But that’s OK. A woman has to set priorities, doesn’t she?

During the creation of these images, a theory – not in the least bit scientifically investigated – came to my mind, and I wrote it down on the back of a handy envelope: evolution is not linear. It is full of twists, full stops, scrabbly complications, and seemingly useless points that don’t reproduce in a traceable line or satisfying conclusion. True for my artwork, too.

And yet.

A cul-de-sac doesn’t mean there’s no exit. The client didn’t like my promo idea, which was heartbreaking at the time. And my venture into graphic design never turned into a profit-making business. But it all was illuminating and gives me precious experience to be used along the winding way of my perpetually evolving aspirations. Cheers!

Relatively Simple Twirl Version One © Catherine Rutgers 2013 Relatively Simple Twirl Version Three © Catherine Rutgers 2013Paired v2 © Catherine Rutgers 2013 Complicated Style © Catherine Rutgers 2013Bluegreen Room © Catherine Rutgers 2013Nested Mix © Catherine Rutgers 2013 Evolution of Happiness © Catherine Rutgers 2013 Lucky Match © Catherine Rutgers 2013

Images and writing by Catherine Rutgers © 2013

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