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The Counter-Intuitions (could be a postage stamp or as big as the sky)

I’m a devotee of abstract reality, intense color, and the unnatural nature of natural elements transformed via everyday technology. Two of my best friends are shifting skies and a fairly large-format scanner. The gardens and a wired PC mouse attached … Continue reading

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Tiny Dancers and the Earthsprung Star

Tiny Dancers and the Earthsprung Star © Catherine Rutgers 2017 The Wordless Series, No. 3 of 10

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Botanical Matter (More Art for Music)

Everything here originated in my nearby environment, from the hollyhocks and gently fading rose to a bucket of compost and the towering oak trees sans foliage. Forthwith, 15 of 69 botanically oriented images created for Loop 2.4.3 performances. Images and … Continue reading

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The Colors of June

2013 was the Season of Extreme Gardening. I cut down two diseased and weary bushes, sawing and yanking their roots from the dirt, making space for ferns, lemon thyme, the red-toned lilies. I pitchforked a sketchy patch of weeds in … Continue reading

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Perennial Love Light: The Very Cherry Edition

“Some day when we’re dreaming, deep in love, not a lot to say, then we will remember things we said today.” The Beatles. Things We Said Today. It took me three days to remember the tune and the lyrics. I … Continue reading

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