The Counter-Intuitions (could be a postage stamp or as big as the sky)

Muse © Catherine Rutgers 2019

I’m a devotee of abstract reality, intense color, and the unnatural nature of natural elements transformed via everyday technology. Two of my best friends are shifting skies and a fairly large-format scanner. The gardens and a wired PC mouse attached to the Mac are constant companions.

I like to take complicated things – say an array of flowers and herbs – and distill them to nothing but the colors. In a series of stripes.Color October © Catherine Rutgers 2019

Skin © Catherine Rutgers 2019I like to examine common things that have been discarded. And to make small things really big. Or vice versa. Also, I think our streets could use a lot more color. A lot more radiant color.
Wings © Catherine Rutgers 2019So these ten new pieces were recently submitted to Billboard Creative, an annual show based in Los Angeles. Not necessarily counterintuitive, but definitely demonstrably true.
Love, Cat

Define © Catherine Rutgers 2019

Red Red Rose © Catherine Rutgers 2019

Drops © Catherine Rutgers 2019

Rock © Catherine Rutgers 2019

We Live in Oceans © Catherine Rutgers 2019

Prairies Flower © Catherine Rutgers 2019

Climb Over © Catherine Rutgers 2019

Text and images © Catherine Rutgers 2019

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