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The Sound of Nothing (is a loud noise)

The Sound of Nothing © Catherine Rutgers 2017 With my gratitude always for the music of Lone Vein.

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Foot(note) Fetish

Footnotes are lovely. Really. Do you like what you’re reading and want to discover more? Do you enjoy getting credit for your work? Consider footnotes as your vehicle to knowledge and your best bet for sending or receiving due respect. … Continue reading

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Sift, Freak, Reap: Morning After

Back in the year 2000 (remember when nearly everyone wrote “year 2000” – was it just too flabbergasting to accept 2000 standing alone?) I made three small collages that illustrate my creative process. It’s nearly the same, every time. I … Continue reading

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Blessed Be the Glue

Threads that connect have always been my preference over ties that bind. However, my relationship with glue, paste, and their tacky, odoriferous mate – rubber cement – has rolled and twisted through the years. This might seem disgusting, but the … Continue reading

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