Will see You, in 2022

Rolling toward the new year, with a bit of color bliss. Love, Cat

Fantastic landscape (abstract digital art)

About CatRutgers4Art

Original art by Catherine Rutgers, with musings on the media and the methods. Founded in 2010. “I believe in magic moments. Am not afraid to be sentimental, and adore a tweaked cliché. Two of my favorite pastimes are watching paint dry and observing green tendrils unfold.”
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2 Responses to Will see You, in 2022

  1. Natalie Leston says:

    Dear Catherine,

    Happy New Year! I hope all is well. I just wanted to take a moment to thank you again for providing a recommendation for the UNICEF job. I recently found out that I got the position, and am excited to begin in a few weeks. Thanks again for all of your help!

    I also wanted to say how much I enjoy receiving these emails with your wonderful images. They are so vibrant and the colors make me happy. How awesome that apart from your fabulous editing skills you have this other amazing creative ability!

    Thanks again for everything, and all the best to you and your loved ones in 2022!

    Take care, Natalie


  2. This is awesome news, Natalie, and thank you for the great comment!! Wonderful highlight for the very first evening of 2022. Three cheers!!!

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