Snapped 02

Photos and transformations by Catherine Rutgers, plus popular media from the very early 20th century. Click the picture or the title.

Hot Fun in the SummertimeThink Pink and Orange Heat
Think Sly and the Family Stone.

Image 0755 Catherine RutgersRevealing the Image Within
They remind me to slow down and
not delete what looks blank at first glance.

Cat at Barnstable Beach Photo by Tom Burnett
My Collaborative Valentine

tripping through the back pages
spiraling toward the spirit of the flight
caught by a momentary snag in the fabric
time wiggles its little finger in my direction
Photo by Tom Burnett, transformations by Cat

"Am Back Again in New York" - A Message from 1908Longing for This Romance and exquisite handwriting. Imagining the world of a postcard writer in 1908.

Thumbnail for Anatomy © Catherine Rutgers 2015Anatomy of An Illustration:
Exquisite Corpse

My first experience with cadavre exquis” the surrealist technique for collective engagement. Kind of like the post office game, but you get to actually create something.

The Original February (thumbnail) © 2015Fun with Filters!
For those of us who love to work in Photoshop.

Catherine Rutgers, The Bee and the Balm 2015Lush July
A bit of flowering glory, with a special guest appearance by the bumblebees.

Full Moon 1899Double Vision circa 1893-1905
My great aunts’ stereopticon: the double-image cards trumpet the wonders of nature, share news of the day, and tell crazy, wonderful stories.

Blue with Orange Edge thumbnail © Cat Rutgers 2016OMG Blue
A big old flat file, used for drying silk-screened T-shirts a long time ago, heavy as heck and it holds a lot of stuff.

06 Red Night Cat thumbnail © Tom Burnett 2014Persona Conundrum
Does the artist’s personality drive the work, or does the art take control of the persona?

Gold As Love © Catherine Rutgers 2020Winter’s Lamentation (and Reprieve)
Though light-emitting diodes obliterate the moonlight, here are nine meditations on the chill, and thrill, of Winter.

And Folds © Catherine Rutgers 2020Day One (Wordless)
The Wordless Series, No. 1 of 10

Idiolect © Catherine Rutgers 2020Kitchen Twenty-Seventeen (Another Kind of Paint)
The Wordless Series, No. 5 of 10

Ever-Expansive Abundance of Love Thumbnail © Cat Rutgers 2020Some Mums (A vaguely Victorian secret language of flowers)
The Wordless Series, No. 7 of 10


© Catherine Rutgers 2020

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