Elastic Bridge

Digital Signature © Catherine Rutgers 2013 The Elastic Bridge begins with solidity, real things, captured and transformed in artistic experiments with technology. Translating our physical territory to a space made of light, these images were created from my original artwork: mixed-media construction, photography, collage, painting, and high-resolution scans.

A cicada’s body, found on 21st-century grass, becomes a prehistoric fossil or futuristic hieroglyph. A profusion of violets, once growing in a lush spring lawn, drip and drench in an abstract apparition. An installation built to be photographed – amberlith, masking tape, paper, and glass – enters the camera, allowing neighborhood trees to peek through the wall.

One beauty of the digital medium is that it’s elastic, eminently adaptable to the platform of presentation. Each with its own revelations to savor. These images were created for the SGDA digital-display specifications (1360 x 768 pixels/96 ppi). And they can be good-quality smaller-size prints.

This is the link between future and past. A time-traveling interface (inner face) that transports a three-dimensional world to the universe behind the glass. I am the bridge, and these are my paving stones, inviting the viewer to journey into fresh discoveries.

Proposal for the Soho Gallery for Digital Art, April 2013. Here are eight of the ten images, as Will of the Wisp was just posted, and I think there might be a full post about Rock the House (aka The Fabulous Underachievers).

Gemstoned Cicada © Catherine Rutgers 2013 Glow Worm © Catherine Rutgers 2013 Insanely Violet Dimensions © Catherine Rutgers 2013 Star Power © Catherine Rutgers 2013 Beautiful Dreamer © Catherine Rutgers 2013 Zoomed to the Max © Catherine Rutgers 2013 Grid Grab Yellow © Catherine Rutgers 2013 Echo Echo Bridge © Catherine Rutgers 2013
P.S. One day, I came across a comment from one of the (generally truly helpful) WordPress people who said something like “don’t post on the weekends because we have better things to do.” Actually, this blog (and, oh, how I wish there were another word for it) is always among the very best things I do, and the timing is what it is. Love, Cat

 Images and text © Catherine Rutgers 2013

About CatRutgers4Art

Original art by Catherine Rutgers, with musings on the media and the methods. Founded in 2010. “I believe in magic moments. Am not afraid to be sentimental, and adore a tweaked cliché. Two of my favorite pastimes are watching paint dry and observing green tendrils unfold.”
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4 Responses to Elastic Bridge

  1. Martha Brown says:


    • Hi, there, Martha, and thank you! These are a bit wildcardish on two fronts: although I’ve seen the gallery displays, I haven’t seen how my images will look on them, and I think they might be somewhat small for the size of the display (but, yes, I did follow their instructions); second, I usually avoid labels on artwork because I think they’re really distracting, but in a group show with display screens, there’s no other way to know which art is whose!

  2. Susan Scutti says:

    love your xeroxed hand signature and gemstoned cicada…

    • Thanks, Susan! The cicada is definitely one of my favorites; the hand is actually scanned, which is, come to think of it, pretty much what a photocopier does, too, though not with quite so many options.

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