Perennial Love Light: The Very Cherry Edition

Sometimes Just Pink © Catherine Rutgers 2013“Some day when we’re dreaming, deep in love, not a lot to say, then we will remember things we said today.” The Beatles. Things We Said Today. It took me three days to remember the tune and the lyrics. I kept thinking of “don’t have much to say”—which kept sliding into “I see my Marianne walking away.” Wrong song. Wrong band.

But I knew there was something tasty hovering at the edges of my memory, and early yesterday evening, and oh what a lovely feeling, the bit that had been pestering, pestering me was resolved. I sang it to myself, I sat down and typed the line up, then searched, and found that I hadn’t misremembered a thing. Such a beautiful song. Kind of like gently placing crabapple, cherry blossoms, fresh pine over my entire face, until everything is caressed away but the leaves, the petals, the soft, soft fruit-to-be.

The first image shown here was the last one created for the very cherry series and the only photo taken indoors; yet it seems to fit in this floral procession. The crabapples and cherries live close to my home and do, in fact, bend down near the sidewalks so I can reach up and hold them gently. The pine trees, too, are low enough to touch, and their portrait was taken from that slightly dizzying angle.

Gratitude to all for gracing my life and a fierce wish that my transformations do them justice, even communicate similar impressions of delicious, delightful immersion. If you’re viewing this on a tiny screen, and somewhere you still have a desktop, flatscreen, big-screen connected to the net: take a minute to switch. Then open up each image in a new window and let it fill the screen. This way, you may come closer to their full potential. They won’t have any scent, but they still may be sensational.

Sprig of Blue © Catherine Rutgers 2013 Baroque Perspective © Catherine Rutgers 2013 Cherry Oh Cherry Oh © Catherine Rutgers 2013 Soul of the Fruit © Catherine Rutgers 2013 Solar Flair © Catherine Rutgers 2013 Central Curve © Catherine Rutgers 2013 Splendid Decay © Catherine Rutgers 2013 Whispering Sphere © Catherine Rutgers 2013 Tender Attitude © Catherine Rutgers 201301 Sometimes Just Pink, 02 Sprig of Blue, 03 Baroque Perspective,
04 Cherry Oh Cherry Oh, 05 Soul of the Fruit, 06 Solar Flair, 07 Central Curve,
08 Splendid Decay, 09 Whispering Sphere, 10 Tender Attitude
Images and text by Catherine Rutgers © 2013

About CatRutgers4Art

Original art by Catherine Rutgers, with musings on the media and the methods. Founded in 2010. “I believe in magic moments. Am not afraid to be sentimental, and adore a tweaked cliché. Two of my favorite pastimes are watching paint dry and observing green tendrils unfold.”
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8 Responses to Perennial Love Light: The Very Cherry Edition

  1. Karen Deschere says:

    Beautiful, Catherine! And thanks for the reminder of a fabulous Beatles song. I will remember seeing those trees in person.

    • Thank you, Karen! The song is a classic … I’m always amazed at how they combined ridiculously simple lyrics (“love to hear you say that love is love”) with hauntingly perfect tunes. As for the cherry blossoms, you saw them at their most luscious peak!! Just forty-eight hours later, they were already mostly leaves.

  2. Thanks for the like, namelessneed, and have a wonderful Wednesday!

  3. Loved your music and flowers.

  4. Susan Scutti says:

    what a joy to see nature and flowers even when it appears on a computer screen
    thanks for this, cat… keep on keepin’ on!

  5. Thank you for the like, Umesh, and hope you’re having a marvelous Monday! BTW, I love your parakeets at

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