The Very Last Rose of 2013

Open Orange © Catherine Rutgers 2013

Oh, so much drama contained in this bloom. She was a tiny tight bud in late October, an orange anomaly topping three skinny green branches, a miniature rose, unfurling almost all the way as of 26 November, when I plucked her for scanning, saying “Do something with this!” And I did.

Last Rose Standing © Catherine Rutgers 2013 Greenery Boost © Catherine Rutgers 2013 The Center and Its Shadow © Catherine Rutgers 2013 The Edges Change Color © Catherine Rutgers 2013 And Another Dimension © Catherine Rutgers 2013Catherine Rutgers © 2013

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2 Responses to The Very Last Rose of 2013

  1. Susan Scutti says:

    as usual, beautiful…

    • Thank you, Susan! At the beginning of the summer, I planted two of these miniature rose bushes, they were just about three inches tall, and I was amazed that they flourished and blossomed. Am now hoping that they live through the winter and bring their orange-pink delight back for another season. With love to you and wishing you have a marvelous Monday!

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