Guest Spot: Samm Cohen

Permissive © Samm Cohen

“Permissive,” mixed media by Samm Cohen

The opening page of Samm Cohen’s website includes this quote from
Carl Jung: “There is no coming to consciousness without pain.”

Samm brings a distinctive touch – fearless, perceptive, emotional – to multiple media: oil paint on canvas, glass, and foil; photography and digital art; one-of-a-kind wearable art using clay, screws, guitar strings, styrofoam.

Her “Golden Screams” three-piece set appears below, followed by six images representing a sample of her work. Golden Screams © Samm Cohen
Here’s the good word from Ms. Cohen:

“I think what is important about
my pieces is I don’t think they need explanation. That what they touch
is visceral, is a place of emoting and contemplation, a place without words really, and though I very much like language and I do write poetry, sometimes in the context of my pieces, it’s the experience more intuitive and heartfelt, more intimate, that I seek to communicate.”

Visit to view her work in multiple mediums. I believe her art captures the beauty as well as the heartache.

 A Pit of Needing © Samm Cohen

“A Pit of Needing”

But I Remember Everything © Samm Cohen

“But I Remember Everything“

Plastic Ponders © Samm Cohen

“Plastic Ponders,” Tucson, Arizona

The World As I See It © Samm Cohen

“He Wants to Know, Just Sometimes, the World as I See It”

Through My Own Skins © Samm Cohen

“Self Portrait: Through My Own Skins”

Vast America © Samm Cohen

“Vast America: Sky in Drive 2”

All images in this “Guest Spot” are original artwork by Samm Cohen © 2011.

About CatRutgers4Art

Original art by Catherine Rutgers, with musings on the media and the methods. Founded in 2010. “I believe in magic moments. Am not afraid to be sentimental, and adore a tweaked cliché. Two of my favorite pastimes are watching paint dry and observing green tendrils unfold.”
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7 Responses to Guest Spot: Samm Cohen

  1. Samm says:

    Cat, looks great. Thank you so much!

    • You’re so welcome, Samm. Putting the post together was a fascinating way to discover more about your art. But as much as I love the online images, they’re not nearly as rich as seeing them in person. I’m sorry to have missed the “Guerilla Art Show” in July. And it’s hard to believe the National Arts Club was 2009; the elegance of that place was a perfect setting, and my memories of the gallery filled with your art remain vivid, vibrant, and powerful – which is also a good description of your studio. Did you ever think of posting pictures of your workspace on the website? In any case, I’m looking forward to your next show!

      One of the things I really like about the lineup here is that it includes different media and a fairly wide time range, running all the way up to your photos from the cross-country Aliens tour this winter. But there’s at least one thing I missed. The prints! Could you be so kind as to post the URL for those? I’m gapping out on where to find them. Also, if you’re so inclined, can you tell us more about them, as well as the work that’s most exciting for you right now?

  2. Samm says:

    somewhere driving around Arizona-New Mexico I would say

  3. Hi, Samm! Thanks for the prints link (
    I love the pages with multiple variations, e.g., “Watching” and “Ringing in the Ears.” As they reveal the print alone, then added painting, handwritten words, or collage, the transformations are fascinating.

    As for the road shot, that blue-tint color against the sky, the flash of yellow-orange, the proportion of the bands – clouds down to asphalt and earth – knock me out every time.

  4. Hi, Michael! You’ve really made my day seeing that you’ve been here. I always hope that visitors will explore the archives, and you did. Thank you!

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