One Woman’s Trash

Might very well become my treasure. I found these glowing-orange-pink plastic rods wrapped in tape on the street in Manhattan. Irresistible. They’re around six feet long and weigh a ton. Yesterday, I figured out how to display the bundle on my studio wall and noticed that the tips conducted light. I thought something interesting might happen if they were scanned, so snapped one apart, set it on the glass, and let the light flow.

Violet Shadow © Catherine RutgersRods Oh Eight © Catherine RutgersOrange on Black © Catherine RutgersPink Orange Stripe © Catherine RutgersTumbled © Catherine RutgersDetailed 007 © Catherine RutgersCrossing Green © Catherine RutgersLayered Orange Pink Rods © Catherine RutgersThe images in this post are the original artwork of Catherine Rutgers © 2011.

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4 Responses to One Woman’s Trash

  1. Martha Brown says:


    • Thank you, Martha! Honestly, that was my response, too. The more I worked with them, the more intense it got. When I look at the green ones, especially, my feeling is “I want to live here.”

  2. Anonymous says:

    very cool

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