Urban Sky

Step out and look up. Urban skies have their own particular kind of light, and I devote a good portion of the day to watching it change. There is so much going on. I study the colors as if they could be absorbed into my memory forever. Occasionally, I even remember to coax them into the camera. Here are five favorites.
Classic Silhouette: image 1253 © Catherine Rutgers

First up above is a classic orange spectacular with dramatic silhouette, and I swear to you nothing but the size was altered. Next in line, puffballs deluxe featuring some of the most outlandish colors ever created (by nature not me) –  followed by a miraculous sky of blue beyond blue.Puffballs Deluxe: image 1257 © Catherine Rutgers

Urban Sky: most likely fujifilm image 2119 © Catherine Rutgers

Number four below is film, most likely Fujifilm, most likely a scan of a print. The archives may be calling me soon; for now they wait patiently for revival.Art Clouds 02 © Catherine Rutgers

Greeting from Sol: image 1320 © Catherine Rutgers

And in closing, a tiny greeting from Sol via crystal, all the way to my home.

Original photographs by Catherine Rutgers © December 2010.

About CatRutgers4Art

Original art by Catherine Rutgers, with musings on the media and the methods. Founded in 2010. “I believe in magic moments. Am not afraid to be sentimental, and adore a tweaked cliché. Two of my favorite pastimes are watching paint dry and observing green tendrils unfold.”
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