Cat and the Far-Reaching Creatures © Catherine Rutgers 2014


This is me, in the studio, in front of the glass, dreaming color. Happy to imagine you viewing CatRutgers4art.

There’s a lot to look at here in this free-floating waltz of an undefined tempo. To begin at the beginnings, click a theme in the bar above.

Love, Cat

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Yours Truly!

Truly Yours © Catherine Rutgers 2014

Video number five. Made for music. There are no soundtracks except the one you choose. You are cordially invited to experience “Yours Truly” and four other experiments in motion at Vimeo, http://vimeo.com/CatRutgers

Spritely Red Being © Catherine Rutgers 2014 The Trees Can Speak © Catherine Rutgers 2014 Jagged Edge © Catherine Rutgers 2014 Twisting Into Pink and Blue © Catherine Rutgers 2014 Taped Essential © Catherine Rutgers 2014 Persimmons In The Nest © Catherine Rutgers 2014 Glyphly Echo © Catherine Rutgers 2014 Purple Love © Catherine Rutgers 2014 Whats Up Dots © Catherine Rutgers 2014 The Compass Points Northeast © Catherine Rutgers 2014 Code Pattern Neon © Catherine Rutgers 2014 Foundational Element © Catherine Rutgers 2014 Shrunken Wave © Catherine Rutgers 2014

Images by Catherine Rutgers © 2014

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The Epic Proportions of “Aliens Glyph”

Somehow Reminiscent Matisse Perhaps © Catherine Rutgers 2014On Sunday evening, it began. Within 24 hours, I made more than three-hundred images, selected forty-seven of them, completed a new video-for-music, and uploaded it at Vimeo. Wait. Is that even possible? Check the files. Yup. It’s true. And I’m kind of stunned. Happy, but kind of stunned.

Blake Sandberg and Samm Cohen, incarnated as Aliens, the 21st-century punk-rocking band, are the inspiration for this marathon. You can sample their music—and their dynamic, highly visual aesthetic—at aliensnyc dot com.

Only one-sixth or so of the new images are used in “Aliens Glyph,” so there are probably three more vids to be made. Already thinking of schemes and titles. The process is fantastically liberating: experiment, experiment some more, reject, accept, experiment even more … oh, that’s good, accept! Nothing is off-limits, I stretch colors and shapes to their extremes, use filters and effects that I’ve never even looked at before. Ten samples appear below; the video link is http://vimeo.com/101351568.

Strangely, the opening lines of Led Zeppelin’s “Kashmir” have been playing in my head the entire time I’ve been working on this, including while writing this intro. Finally broke down and played it. Yup. Still gnarly after all these years.

Glyph Lightly © Catherine Rutgers 2014 Roiling Deep © Catherine Rutgers 2014 Nest Full of Bright © Catherine Rutgers 2014 Echo Splanch Echo © Catherine Rutgers 2014 Whispering Static © Catherine Rutgers 2014 Happy In Brooklyn © Catherine Rutgers 2014 Son of a Yellow Submarine © Catherine Rutgers 2014 Another Sign of the Vibrating Colors © Catherine Rutgers 2014 No Hesitation © Catherine Rutgers 2014 Freeborn Anemone © Catherine Rutgers 2014

Images by Catherine Rutgers © 2014

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The Colors of June

A Transformation of Hollyhocks in Sunlight © Catherine Rutgers 20142013 was the Season of Extreme Gardening. I cut down two diseased and weary bushes, sawing and yanking their roots from the dirt, making space for ferns, lemon thyme, the red-toned lilies. I pitchforked a sketchy patch of weeds in the lawn, reveling in unearthing a foot-deep mess of clay, rocks, metallic household detritus, pottery shards, an old toothpaste tube, hunks of concrete—replacing it with my favorite topsoil-organic planting mix (albeit purchased and from not-entirely-sustainable source material). And for my first time, planted grass seed.

Amazingly enough, considering how happy the squirrels were to find this freshly softened territory for acorn planting, the grass took hold and in 2014 is a nicely thick zone of green. Green, of course, is the symphony of June in the northeast. It’s everywhere, and everywhere delightful. Toward the end of the month, however, my attention turned to the grace notes, the trills, the accents that spice up the homefront landscape. With the intention of capturing the more exotic colors, I stepped out with scissors in hand and snipped a selection of blossoms. The original primroses, aka buttercups, came from a single plant that my mother gave me. Now, they are sprinkled throughout the gardens. The hollyhocks (a fabulous birthday gift) and the roses were also my plantings. Mona planted the lilies, salvia, daisies, and those whose names I do not know. She knows all the names, understands who likes what type of soil. My method extends to checking sun vs. shade, choosing something I like the looks of, prepping the ground with aforementioned mix, and hoping for the best. It’s a good combo of approaches, actually, yielding an ever-surprising assortment of floral personalities.

Scanning these delicacies is an extraordinary experience. After figuring out how to place them for the best view and without being crushed, the next hurdle is an unbypassable message: “When you scan with high resolution, the image size may be large or a long time may be required for scanning. Therefore, select an appropriate resolution setting. For details, click the Help button.” Help! Why does the interface for this magnificent machine, whose capacities extend to 4,800 pixels per inch, chide me for being inappropriate? I want them to be large, I enjoy practicing patience as the images take several minutes to load. And the results astound me.
Primrose © Catherine Rutgers 2014 Tiger Lily © Catherine Rutgers 2014 Lovely as It Fades © Catherine Rutgers 2014 Rosebud © Catherine Rutgers 2014 More Closely into the Day Lily © Catherine Rutgers 2014 Rose Cluster of Miniature Whites © Catherine Rutgers 2014 Tiny Unknown Unreal © Catherine Rutgers 2014 Black Hollyhock © Catherine Rutgers 2014 Another Rose Beyond Perfection © Catherine Rutgers 2014 The Redder Lily © Catherine Rutgers 2014 Center of the Daisy © Catherine Rutgers 2014 Changing the Rosebud © Catherine Rutgers 2014 Salvia © Catherine Rutgers 2014

Text and images by Catherine Rutgers © 2014

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Laced for New Noise

Full Color Cover © Catherine Rutgers 2014My first movie! Inspired by the New Noise Continuum and designed as visuals for a live performance, the soundtrack is your environment, so listen closely.

The Vimeo link is https://vimeo.com/98385858 and the twelve still images used to create it grace this post. The source is one of my covers for the National Poetry Magazine of the Lower East Side. The “Full Color” issue, 1992, spray paint and silkscreen on cardstock, one-hundred-fifty copies, each made by hand, back when my moniker was Catherine Sand.

Those were the days of anarchy at its best: anyone who brought 150 copies of their work could have pages in the zine, which was lovingly collated and stapled together in a round-robin process. Kind of like a quilting bee for the literature-art-making crowd, if said bee always took place in a bar on the Lower East Side. OK, this was fun!

Laced Hue Six © Catherine Rutgers 2014 Laced Hue Five © Catherine Rutgers 2014Laced Hue Four © Catherine Rutgers 2014 Lace Flip Hue Eight © Catherine Rutgers 2014 Laced Hue © Catherine Rutgers 2014 Lace Flip Hue One v2 © Catherine Rutgers 2014 Lace Flip © Catherine Rutgers 2014 Laced © Catherine Rutgers 2014

 Laced Hue Two © Catherine Rutgers 2014

10 Lace Flip Hue Seven - CatRutgers.jpg

11 Lace Flip Hue One - CatRutgers.jpg

12 Lace Flip v2 Hue Eight - CatRutgers.jpg

 Images and text by Catherine Rutgers © 2014

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“How Technology, Science, and Art Are Changing Our Perception of Time”

Offline © Catherine Rutgers 2014Woke up this morning at five o’clock, drawn outside by a particularly bright and full-seeming moon. The sky is clear, the trees still stark. It is bone-chillingly cold, which I’m really, really tired of. Oh, how I long for greenery and warmth! Will this winter be endless? Answer: there will be another summer. But can anticipation sustain us through these cold-jangled nerves?

On the first day of spring, two days from today, I will be moderating an ArcheTime roundtable to be presented by Offline at Central Booking, in relationship to the “Time and Again” show at Haber Space, curated by the gallerys founder, Maddy Rosenberg. The lineup: Olga Ast, conceptual artist, curator, and the creative force behind ArcheTime; Jacques Laroche, a computer scientist who explores the intersection of science, politics, and society; Richard Leslie, art historian, critic, and author; Greg Matloff, expert in possibilities for interstellar propulsion, especially near-Sun solar-sail trajectories that might enable interstellar travel; Jeremy Newman, director of experimental and documentary videos; and David Pleasant, percussionist, choreographer, composer, and scholar/writer.

Plus, Debra Swack will show her video “Animal Patterning Project: Synthetic Biological and Software Generated Evolution of Animal Patterning,” and Ula Einstein, Linda Stillman, Ellen Wiener, Jayoung Yoon, and other contributors to the book Infinite Instances: Studies and Images of Time will be participating in the event.

How are technology, science, and art changing our perceptions of time? Answer: unknown. Time to open my mind and see what the future will bring!

ArcheTime at Central Booking March 20th 2014 © Catherine Rutgers 2014 The Garden Is My Most Sustained Work of Art © Catherine Rutgers 2014 Fragility in the Shelter of Strength © Catherine Rutgers 2014

Catherine Rutgers © 2014

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Slow Hand

Time spirals. It doesn’t fly like an arrow or a bird or a jet plane. It loops and leaps. It strolls and skips. It falls asleep. It is relentlessly patient. And stealthy.

After months of dormancy, I’m back on track to revising “Uncommon Thunder,” the raison d’être and core project of this blog. A tweak of text here and there, a new introduction in the works, and various assessments of multiple permutations. Exquisite movement towards completion.

The Uncommon Thunder Document Inverted © Catherine Rutgers 2014

Catherine Rutgers © 2014

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