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Interlude with a Goddess

Usually, she stands by the side of the sink, proudly perched on a ledge in the arch that separates the cooking zone from the eating area. Theoretically. My kitchen actually gets multiple use as a basement, alternative studio, storage space … Continue reading

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Guest Spot: Samm Cohen

The opening page of Samm Cohen’s website includes this quote from Carl Jung: “There is no coming to consciousness without pain.” Samm brings a distinctive touch – fearless, perceptive, emotional – to multiple media: oil paint on canvas, glass, and … Continue reading

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Containing Fire

It’s a very simple series, really: a row of burning candles, fifty-eight snapshots, some taken with flash, some without. The wall was being scraped for painting. The first five images rest well within “Snapped” guidelines, showing pretty much what I … Continue reading

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On Valentines

There’s something I can’t resist about a holiday that runs right up to the edge of ridiculously marketable, then teeters giddily, often unexpectedly, into our best and deepest impulse. And just as there are so many kinds of love, there … Continue reading

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Revealing the Image Within

I like to take pictures with the light at hand. Sometimes they come out pretty cool. But what about ones showing just a tiny glimpse of image? You’ve seen this kind of digital thumbnail or film negative: it looks almost … Continue reading

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