Catalog This (Starting Year 10 of CatRutgers4Art)

New Bit by Bit © Catherine Rutgers 20202010
Bit by Bit
Urban Sky
[Digitize This]*
Blessed Be the Glue
When You Subscribe
[Method and Purpose]

IMG 2119 Corner Sky of Blue © Catherine Rutgers 20202011
Hue-Happy Forever
Party Over Here
[Dominated by the Visual Sense]
Handwritten, Typewriter, Type
[Within Straight Lines (Like a Photographer without a Camera)]Handwritten Time © Catherine Rutgers 2020
[Smell This, Please]
Altered State: In Motion
[Un-Groovy Kind of Love]
Revealing the Image Within
[Andalusian Dogged][Let the Women Out]
Guest Spot: Tom Burnett
[Objectified][Lucid Swim]
On Valentines
[Personal, Artistic, and Dogmatic]Little Wing © Catherine Rutgers 2020
Containing Fire
[Orange Ya’ Glad I Didn’t Say Banana]
Juiced Orange: The Death and Rebirth of Vinyl
[Up Against the Wall]
One Woman’s Trash
[Both Sides Now]
No Fear of Flying
Guest Spot: Samm Cohen
Interlude with a Goddess
[Wrapping It: Conclusions on Dada and Surrealism]IMG 2329 Interlude with A Goddess © Catherine Rutgers 2020[Full Steam Ahead]
Guest Spot: Jamie Kelty
[Bed, Sleeper, Bathtub]
[Building a Mystery]
Sift, Freak, Reap: Morning After
Guest Spot: Brian Olewnick
[Metal and Skin]
Good Friend Down
Guest Spot: Kristen Terrana
“Wake Up in the Morning Feeling Like P Diddy”
[Innovate, Expand, and Dance]
[Pop Objects: Banal or Sincere?]
Guest Spot: Ellena Rutsch
[I Am Nothing Without You: Audience-Activated Art]Orange 12 © Catherine Rutgers 2020[‘Stoned Moon’ Trail]
The Origins of Origins and Then Some (on the Infinite Instances book, curated and designed by Olga Ast)
24 Ecstatic Minutes: The Clear as Mud Session
Guest Spot: Carolyn Rutgers Clark
[Clear as Mud]
New Year’s Eve 2011

Experiment This © Catherine Rutgers 20202012
Street Smart
One Love
Random Image
[Rock Solid][Lust for Life]Image 2790 Unfurling Green 2013 © Catherine Rutgers 2020
A Valentine for Everyone
Sea of Joy
[On the Hypervigilant Edge of Internal Extremes]
[Geometry Bent][Bursting at the Seams of Disquiet]
Green Springs Forth!
The Art of Compost: Do you promise to funk?Am back again 1908 - Scanned in 2013 © Catherine Rutgers 2020
Oh, Those Violets Are Driving Me Crazy
Dear Dada: A Review of Maintenant 6 (Three Rooms Press)
Radiant Twigs
Beyond Perfect
You Are Here: Sultry Summer Sweeping Sweetly into Gentlest Sumptuous Night (with Cicada)Molecular Origins © Catherine Rutgers 2020
Like Trying to Wash Grease Off of Plastic with Cold Water and No Soap
Greetings and Salutations
Unnatural Nature
The Flip Side of Venus
Foot(note) Fetish
I’m Hopelessly Devoted to You: Addenda, Credenza, Epilogue (Everything Plus the Atelier Sink)
A New Beginning of Time
Home Zone

Fingertips © Catherine Rutgers 20202013
Night Moves
Serious Playground: A Time-Release Capsule of Art in the Studio
Guest Spot: Susan Scutti and
Sarah Valeri
Almost Blue
Vale o’ Right-in-Times
Cutting-Edge Domesticity and the MedicineScore One (Experiment) © Catherine Rutgers 2020 Cabinet, circa 1938
Color Studies
Will O’ the Wisp
Elastic Bridge
Perennial Love Light: The Very Cherry Edition
Ova (Part One)
Hot Fun in the Summertime
Fresh Take Intensified © Catherine Rutgers 2020And, Now, a Bit of Green
This Little Twirl
Le Retour
Longing for This
One Hundred, One Love
The Very Last Rose of 2013

Fun with Friends!
Ping Pong Mood
My Collaborative Valentine
Another Day, Another ExperimentMoving Forty-Seven © Catherine Rutgers 2020
[Slow Hand]
“How Technology, Science, and Art Are Changing Our Perception of Time” (ArcheTime at Central Booking)
Laced for New Noise (video for New Noise Continuum)
The Colors of June
The Epic Proportions of “Aliens Glyph”
Yours Truly!

Anatomy of An Illustration: Exquisite Corpse
[Uncommon Thunder’s Delectable Revamp]
Night Street v01 © Catherine Rutgers 2020Fun with Filters!
SOTVC: The Violet and Green Edition
Behind the Scene (Preparation for an Exhibit)
Sweet Fun in the Summertime!
Meet Zen and Stormy
Lush July
Extravagant Possibilities
’Tis Always the Season
Stripes! (Art for Music)(created for Loop 2.4.3)
Botanical Matter (More Art for Music)Space Dish RGB © Catherine Rutgers 2020

The Street and the Sky: Samm Cohen’s Photos of Istanbul
Double Vision circa 1893-1905
Colorfields and Folds (Ever More Art for Music)
Riding the Culver Line DreamExquisitely Arched © Catherine Rutgers 2020
OMG Blue
Beautiful Traveler: JoAnne Lobotsky’s Mixed Media
‘O’ Is for Outtake
Three Easy Pieces
Persona Conundrum
Iconic Dimension
Winter’s Lamentation (and Reprieve)

Day One (Wordless)
Sheer Color (Sunday Morning)
Tiny Dancers and the Earthsprung Star
Entered Here (Second Sunday)Some Comes Back © Catherine Rutgers 2020
Kitchen Twenty-Seventeen (Another Kind of Paint)
The Sound of Nothing (is a loud noise)(in gratitude to Lone Vein)
Some Mums (A vaguely Victorian secret language of flowers)
Zen Storm (translating canvas to screen)
Extreme Gardening (the 2013 season)Love Sweep One © Catherine Rutgers 2020
Eighth Friday (Wordless 2017)

Unconditional Love: Aunt Marian’s Handwork
Concepts for Main Street
Seemingly Distracted (images from “Everything Dies, Some Comes Back,” sound by Tom Burnett)

Fruits of a Recent Proposal
CatRutgers4Art … Welcome Home
Did you see the full moon?
The Counter-Intuitions (could be a postage stamp or as big as the sky)
And I am swimming in this …

2020 … We are here.

Words and images © Catherine Rutgers 2020
* Uncommon Thunder is not viewable at the moment, though it will reappear.

About CatRutgers4Art

Original art by Catherine Rutgers, with musings on the media and the methods. Founded in 2010. “I believe in magic moments. Am not afraid to be sentimental, and adore a tweaked cliché. Two of my favorite pastimes are watching paint dry and observing green tendrils unfold.”
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5 Responses to Catalog This (Starting Year 10 of CatRutgers4Art)

  1. Hello, to The Alchemist’s Studio! I am loving your work and the site …
    Such shapes. Such color. Thank you very much for liking this Cat-a-Log. ^ _ ^

  2. Tom Burnett says:

    Marvelous compilation!

  3. Many thanks for the “likes,” Alex Markovich (enjoying your postcards) and Arts and Entertainment (tell us a bit about yourself, I’m not finding an about page at your site).

  4. Hello, and thank you seedbud! I love your work, and right now am particularly enjoying (among many others).

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