Eighth Friday (Wordless 2017)

Extreme Green v2 © Catherine Rutgers 2017

Garden's Edge © Catherine Rutgers 2017

The Laws of Physics © Catherine Rutgers 2017

Goddess © Catherine Rutgers 2017

In Turn © Catherine Rutgers 2017

Orange Zero © Catherine Rutgers 2017

Its Peak © Catherine Rutgers 2017

Copper and Sift © Catherine Rutgers 2017

Memories of the Scent © Catherine Rutgers 2017

Party 0557 © Catherine Rutgers 2017

Eighth Friday © Catherine Rutgers, 2017
The Wordless Series, No. 10 of 10

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3 Responses to Eighth Friday (Wordless 2017)

  1. Christopher Johnston says:

    Scents and tastes often offer my strongest connections to the past as in the mimeograph.

    • Hello, Chris, and many thanks for the insightful comment! Your thought is backed up by science, as you likely know, and I take it you have used a mimeograph machine. They were quite elaborate, bulky, noisy, and the smell of the ink is unforgettable. ^ _ ^

  2. Many thanks for the like, seedbud, and Happy New Year to you!!

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