I’m Hopelessly Devoted to You: Addenda, Credenza, Epilogue (Everything Plus the Atelier Sink)

An Open Book © Catherine Rutgers 2012“My head, it says, ooooooh, forget it. My heart, it says, don’t let go.” This is how I remember it, anyway, and let us run with whatever wings our way at the moment. Theoretically, this is the end of the book. But the beauty of here is that I can do whatever I want. A rambling title? Sure. Eighteen images that may or may not relate to each other? Yes. Within this template, which I carefully chose for its simplicity and resolutely resist altering, the options are open.

There is no sink actually in the studio. But there are two finishing pages to the thesis: a sheet of shiny red paper and a plastic bag to hold multi-colored shapes. It was meant to be a game to play, the red page is the board and you could (more than theoretically) make new art. I did, in 1990, and glued them to another, larger, sheet of paper. Hence, there’s only one piece left in the bag, though many ways to keep playing the game.

Ready for You © Catherine Rutgers 2012Represent Choice © Catherine Rutgers 2012Prescient Echo © Catherine Rutgers 2012Single Piece © Catherine Rutgers 2012Jewel-Tone Space v2 © Catherine Rutgers 2012Once on the Wing © Catherine Rutgers 2012Revelations © Catherine Rutgers 2012Major Change © Catherine Rutgers 2012Even Better When You Get Closer © Catherine Rutgers 2012Bluer Shade of Pale © Catherine Rutgers 2012Chips Falling Where They May © Catherine Rutgers 2012Always on the Wing © Catherine Rutgers 2012Chips Up © Catherine Rutgers 2012From the Deep (Create the Future) © Catherine Rutgers 2012My Yellow In This Case © Catherine Rutgers 2012Metallic Front © Catherine Rutgers 2012We Three © Catherine Rutgers 2012

00 An Open Book, 01 Ready for You, 02 Represent Choice, 03 Prescient Echo, 04 Single Piece, 05 Jeweltone Space v2, 06 Once on the Wing, 07 Revelations, 08 Major Change, 09 Even Better When You Get Closer, 10 Bluer Shade of Pale, 11 Chips Falling Where They May, 12 Chips Up, 13 Always on the Wing, 14 From the Deep (Create the Future), 15 My Yellow in This Case, 16 Metallic Front, 17 We Three

Catherine Rutgers © 2012

About CatRutgers4Art

Original art by Catherine Rutgers, with musings on the media and the methods. Founded in 2010. “I believe in magic moments. Am not afraid to be sentimental, and adore a tweaked cliché. Two of my favorite pastimes are watching paint dry and observing green tendrils unfold.”
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5 Responses to I’m Hopelessly Devoted to You: Addenda, Credenza, Epilogue (Everything Plus the Atelier Sink)

  1. Susan Scutti says:

    love the photograph — adorable!
    I’d guess it’s extraordinarily difficult to end after all this work.

    • Thank you so much for stopping by, Susan! I debated about twenty-two times on whether to include the backyard “tent” but ultimately (obviously) went with it. As for the book, it doesn’t end here! Which is both great and the difficult part. Right now, I’m printing all 168 pages and trying not to make too many corrections along the way. I found a broken link the other day, so will also need to go back and check all of those but am much too tired at the moment. But am not too tired to be thinking about new blog posts: next up, home is where the art is, then I think one that’s been floating for a while on exploring identity.

  2. Martha Brown says:


  3. Hello, Aaron French, of frenchwellness, and many thanks for the like!

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