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Color Studies

Lately I’ve been feeling funny, like my tongue has got the cat. Lately I’ve been feeling more than nostalgic, traveling back and forth through history while simultaneously re-creating every little thing. And I must say, it has been thrilling but … Continue reading

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Night Moves

Do you love taking photos at night without using a flash? If you do, good, because that means you’ll understand my attraction to these deeply shadowy, obscure, and ambiguous images. There seems to be very little information, data, whatever you … Continue reading

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Radiant Twigs

And other ephemera range through my life, you far-reaching creatures, you ravishing individuals, and all-ways shifting beauties. Snagged on the crag, when least expected. “Hosting with a full toolbox … the one who has the most tools wins.” Textures, shapes, … Continue reading

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The Art of Compost: Do you promise to funk?

It began late last August: the campaign to make compost. First, there was a neglected pile of garden stuff, left in a heap all summer long. Greenish and soggy and hard to pull apart, but I did. And it was … Continue reading

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Street Smart

Church Avenue is one of those all-time great streets full of every kind of commerce going on. Fresh fruit, flip flops, flowers, fajitas. Fabulous. And that’s a short list. But when you move west toward Coney Island Avenue, the streetscape … Continue reading

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