Welcome to CatRutgers4art

Yes, Transformed © Catherine Rutgers 2010-2018

“Yes, Transformed” © Catherine Rutgers 2010-2018

Pause here for visual refreshment. CatRutgers4art is an essence: less than everything, much more than a fragment, all original art. A free-floating waltz of undefined tempo, brought to you with love from the boundless possibility zone. Yours truly, Cat

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2 Responses to Welcome to CatRutgers4art

  1. Hello, seedbud, and thank you for liking my new welcome. I always look forward to seeing your beautiful work at Leaf and Twig … Keep dancing! https://leafandtwig.wordpress.com/2016/01/13/dance/

  2. Greetings to orangeleisure … thanks for the like!

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