Slow Hand

Time spirals. It doesn’t fly like an arrow or a bird or a jet plane. It loops and leaps. It strolls and skips. It falls asleep. It is relentlessly patient. And stealthy.

After months of dormancy, I’m back on track to revising “Uncommon Thunder,” the raison d’être and core project of this blog. A tweak of text here and there, a new introduction in the works, and various assessments of multiple permutations. Exquisite movement towards completion.

The Uncommon Thunder Document Inverted © Catherine Rutgers 2014

Catherine Rutgers © 2014

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2 Responses to Slow Hand

  1. One of the interesting things about having a blog is discovering who else is “out there” through the “likes” function. Today, I had the remarkable experience of exploring the artwork of Paul Weiner, via the blue-and-lighter-blue square above. Phenomenally diverse, complex, and spanning from painting on canvas to techniques such as “databending” and experimental audio. Check it out for yourself at

  2. And another great site, by Ben Stainton. “Hello, Fig”, many thanks for the like on this post! Visitors, allow me to invite you to see Ben’s intriguing work at

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